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Prophetic Sign Posts for Our Day

Updated: Feb 10

I believe many people feel anxiety and urgency regarding circumstances here and abroad. More so personally because of a common prophetic thread I’ve noticed while studying the scriptures. To explain my feelings I would call your attention to a prophetic thread that runs throughout scriptures. I also see this thread in the writings of Denver Snuffer. I am writing this paper to demonstrate these consistencies and raise awareness about the perilous times in which we now live. While discussing the conversation between the Savior and His disciples on the road to Emmaus, Denver points to a pattern the Lord follows when dealing with man. It has to do with the Savior’s emphasis on the scriptures:

“Is not the pattern always the same? Does not God manifest Himself to the world through the weak things first? O fools and slow of heart indeed! Not just these two disciples [on the road to Emmaus], but mankind in every generation . . . , “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.”  [This is the pattern adopted by the writers of the New Testament Gospels. Christ explained how to understand His ministry by using the law and prophets. The Gospels would not be written until decades after this, and they composed following the Lord’s pattern in this discussion on the Road to Emmaus, to vindicate Him as the promised Lord and Redeemer fulfilling scripture. This framework appears in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They likewise wove into their record how Christ fulfilled the prophecies. Christ proved He came and suffered to fulfill the prophets. He “opened unto them the scriptures” so that they understood. The Gospel writers followed the same pattern” . . . , 

When He rose from the grave, except for these two disciples, His visit with everyone that day was brief, even perfunctory. With others He proved He had risen. But with these two, the Lord took hours, walking and talking in a discourse wherein “he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself. “  [They did not recognize Him, but they were moved by the content of His sermon] . . . ,

It is not necessary to reveal any new thing in order to open eyes to everything the Lord has, and is doing. Nothing apart from expounding the scriptures is required. He [Christ] did not think it was necessary even when He arose from the dead. 

The Lord’s pattern was to use the scriptures to open the eyes of the people to the things He is doing. Let’s follow the pattern and attempt to see the Lord’s hand in our day. There is a prophecy given by Joseph who was sold into Egypt that plays a key role in understanding how the scriptures should be applied in our day. Speaking to Joseph the Lord said,

“Wherefore the fruit of thy loins [Joseph of Egypt] shall write, and the fruit of the loins of Judah shall write; and that which shall be written by the fruit of thy loins, and also that which shall be written by the fruit of the loins of Judah, shall grow together unto the confounding false doctrines, and laying down of contentions, and establishing peace among the fruit of thy loins, and bringing them to a knowledge of their fathers in the latter days; and also to the knowledge of my covenants, saith the Lord” (JST Genesis 50:31, emphasis added).

The prophecy of Joseph talks about the records of Judah and Joseph “growing together” to confound false doctrines, lay down contentions and establish peace among the seed of Joseph. This points out the content of these books will one day become intertwined. They are meant to be studied together rather than separate. Only then will these records eliminate contention, establish peace and bring the seed of Joseph to a knowledge of their father’s and the Lord’s covenants. To demonstrate how this is done we begin with a study of a prophecy from Moses.

The Moses Prophecy

On the road to Emmaus the Lord used the scriptures to open the eyes of His disciples to all the scriptures said about Him. Using the scriptures in the manner prescribed in the prophecy of Joseph of Egypt (See JST Genesis 50:31) we will unravel the meaning of a prophecy given by the Lord to Moses.  Moses pronounced a Messianic Prophecy in Deuteronomy 18:15 that weaves it way throughout the fabric of many passages of scripture. During the Savior’s visit to the Nephites He called the Moses prophecy to the attention of their survivors. He said,

“Behold, I am he of whom Moses spake, saying: A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass that every soul who will not hear that prophet shall be cut off from among the people” (3 Nephi 20:23, emphasis added).

From the Savior’s statement it appears the Moses’s prophecy applies exclusively to Jesus. The Lord says as much. However, what begins as a foregone conclusion must be reconsidered when the Lord uses similar language in Doctrine and Covenants Section 1.

“And the arm of the Lord shall be revealed; and the day cometh that they who will not hear the voice of the Lord, neither the voice of his servants, neither give heed  to the words of the prophets and apostles, shall be cut off from among the people” (D&C 1:13-14, emphasis added).

In this verse the Lord expands the meaning of the Moses prophecy to include anyone who will not hear His voice, His servant’s voice or the words of the prophets and apostles. At the end of Section 1 the Lord drives home His point when He declares:

“What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same” (D&C 1:38, emphasis added).

The verses in section 1 raise the possibility that the Moses prophecy is fulfilled by the Savior or His servants. Returning to 3 Nephi, we find in chapter 21 the Savior’s explanation of the literal fulfillment of Moses’s prophecy.

“For in that day, for my sake shall the Father work a work, which shall be a great and marvelous work among them; and there shall be among them [the Gentiles] those who will not believe it, although a man shall declare it unto them.

But behold, the life of my servant shall be in my hand; therefore they shall not hurt him, although he shall be marred because of them. Yet I will heal him, for I will show unto them that my wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil.

Therefore it shall come to pass that whosoever will not believe in my words, who am Jesus Christ, which the Father shall cause him to bring forth unto the Gentiles, and shall give unto him power that he shall bring them forth unto the Gentiles, (it shall be done even as Moses said) they shall be cut off from among my people who are of the covenant” (3 Nephi 21:9-11, emphasis added).

We learn from this passage that the Savior does not fulfill the Moses prophecy, but a servant of the Lord empowered by the Father brings forth the words of the Savior to the Gentiles. The Gentiles who receive the words of Christ from the servant avoid being cut off from Israel. Those Gentiles who reject the Lord’s words will suffer and be cut off.

This prophecy is fulfilled when the words of Christ are brought forth by the servant. The Savior’s words, not the servant should be the focal point. However, if the servant and his mission are identified, there is a greater probability the words of the Lord will be recognized and accepted. While not certain, it does increase the probability.

Continuing with the prophecy of Moses, the following is another excerpt from Denver’s book, “Preserving the Restoration.”

“Christ’s voice was heard when He spoke as a mortal. His voice was heard again when He spoke through the Prophet Joseph Smith. He will speak again through a servant to give His final warning. Then, if His words are not heard and heeded, men will be “cut off from among the people.” It is the cutting off that remains future and will “soon come” to pass. We should anticipate hearing the Lord’s voice again warning us to repent.”

Denver confirms the Lord speaks through a servant to give his “final warning” prior to cutting off the Gentiles from the Lord’s covenant people. Quoting the Moses prophecy from Acts 3:22-23 Denver affirms the Savior’s words that the prophecy refers to Christ and adds the following addendum:

“[That prophet is Christ. This does not mean Christ will come again, only “His words” are mentioned. He may send someone with His words] “Those who will not believe my words who am Jesus Christ they shall be cut off” [The angel Moroni said to Joseph, “The day had not yet come when ‘they who would not hear his voice should be cut off from among the people,’ but soon would come. When He sends His words those who ignore them will be cut off. I teach what He has told me to teach.] 

In the series of talks Denver has given, he repeatedly states that he speaks only the words the Savior asked him to speak. What have been the words of Christ Denver directs people to study?

“Therefore, the leading points and teachings called Lectures on Faith should remain as a law to guide us. Repentance should begin by returning to Joseph’s work to guide us. Nothing since him should be permitted to divert us away from what God gave through Joseph

The Savior asked Denver to give ten talks which in reality, are one. When the content of the talks was placed into one book, it was titled “Preserving the Restoration.”  It repeatedly points back to the ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Joseph’s work began the Restoration but was not complete at the time of his death. It is of equal importance to note that nothing since Joseph Smith should divert our attention away from him. The only way the Restoration may continue among the Gentiles is to return to the doctrines taught by Joseph Smith. Obedience to his instructions and the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ may persuade the Lord to recommence the restoration among the Gentiles in preparation for the gathering of Israel and the establishment of Zion.

When Lehi gave his son Joseph his patriarchal blessing he referred to the prophecies of Joseph of Egypt. Lehi told his son Joseph of a development in Joseph Smith’s life that was not included in the Joseph Smith Translation of Genesis 50. Lehi said,

“And the Lord said unto me also: I will raise up unto the fruit of thy loins; and I will make for him a spokesman. And I, behold, I will give unto him that he [Joseph Smith] shall write the writing of the fruit of thy loins; and the spokesman of thy loins shall declare it” (2 Nephi 3:18).

The verse states that Joseph Smith will write the words, but a spokesman for Joseph Smith will declare them. Again from “Preserving the Restoration” we read:

“Faith in Him [Christ] comes by hearing the word of God, delivered as He authorizes, by whomever He chooses to deliver it. If we receive God’s word preached by someone He sends then we can have faith in the Son of God. We can receive Him. But if we harden our heart, blind our mind and refuse to receive what He offers us today, then we do not and cannot have faith in Him. We fall short of the faith required by His sons and daughters. This has always been the test. This will always be the test. I have been sent and God is proving you. Joseph Smith testified to these things and I am now a second witness. Therefore two proclaim the same doctrine.”

Based on the prophecy in 2 Nephi 3 we see that Joseph Smith is the first witness and Denver declares he is a second witness of those things Joseph Smith taught. He also warns that he has been sent by God to declare the teachings of Joseph Smith and to prove you. If you reject Denver’s testimony of the Savior’s words he is directed to speak, you will not have faith in Christ. You will fail to qualify as a son or daughter of Christ. It appears the Lord’s instruction emphasizing the teachings of Joseph Smith comply with Lehi’s prophecy found in 2 Nephi 3.

Another portion of Joseph of Egypt’s prophecy relevant to this discussion is the period of time Joseph of Egypt says the writings of Joseph Smith are transformed from “weakness” to “strength”.

“And out of weakness shall he [Joseph Smith] be made strong, in that day when my work shall go forth among all my people, which shall restore them, who are of the house of Israel in the last days” (JST Genesis 50:32, emphasis added).

Joseph Smith’s ministry began in weakness but will not become strong until long after the prophet’s death. His time of strength comes when Israel is gathered and restored. Of necessity Joseph Smith needs someone to act as a mortal spokesman for him. By all appearances Denver’s directing people to return to the teachings of Joseph Smith fulfill this requirement in Joseph of Egypt’s prophecy.

Establishing the chronology of when the Moses prophecy is fulfilled assists us in determining when these events occur and the impact it has on those who live to witness it. We find in the Joseph Smith Translation of Matthew 24 another reference to the Moses prophecy.

“And thus cometh the end of the wicked, according to the prophecy of Moses, saying: They shall be cut off from among the people; but the end of the earth is not yet, but by and by” (JST Matthew 24:55, emphasis added).

The Savior, in the inspired version of Matthew 24 links the Moses prophecy to the destruction of the wicked. This is a pre-Millennial cleansing of the earth that occurs before the Savior and His hosts return. It is the time the angel, Moroni prophesied to Joseph Smith that it was soon to come. Referring to the closing of another of this earth’s cycles, Denver says the following:

“Man falls into the cold realm of the temporal, but is returned again to the spiritual. The process allows incremental development based on choices. When any cycle begins, man is spirit. When it is underway, man is temporal and physical. But when a cycle ends, man is spirit again. We are nearing another turn of the wheel when wickedness ends

The time when wickedness ends on earth, will also be the time when the Moses prophecy is fulfilled. It will be when the Gentiles are destroyed and Israel, like a phoenix, rises again to reclaim the blessings God offered their fathers and the following generations. It seems surreal to contemplate the possibility the fulfillment of this prophecy has possibly arrived.

So what is to be said of these assertions? Is it evidence, conjecture or coincidence that Denver Snuffer would come now bearing this message?

The evidence presented here is drawn only from the Standard Works and the writings of Denver Snuffer, Jr. If you are a Gentile, you stand at a crossroad. The covenant opportunity is about to be removed from you and carried to a remnant of Joseph and then to the tribes of Israel. The Moses prophecy foretells of the winnowing of the Gentiles [or destruction of the wicked] to determine which of them will “assist” a remnant of Joseph in establishing Zion and gathering Israel (See 3 Nephi 21:7, 22-29).

As Denver said, “I have been sent by God, and God is proving you.” If you are concerned he may be the servant you should prayerfully and thoroughly examine his writings and spoken word, especially “Preserving the Restoration.”  You are accountable and responsible for deciding for yourself. I suggest you avoid a casual approach. A wrong decision has terrible consequences both temporally and spiritually. Making wrong choices carries consequences that include being as Moses said, cut off from among Israel.

If our repentance begins by returning to the teachings of Joseph Smith, the Lectures on Faith deserve a thorough examination. If you are immersed in the traditions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you will find it difficult but necessary to add a significant amount of unlearning to your learning. Our eyes must be opened to the true nature of God so we can exercise faith in the Father and the Son. I fear we fail to understand the true nature of the Father and Son and our knowledge of the Holy Ghost is tainted by the precepts of men. Ignorance of these things undermines our ability to exercise faith in God.

Speaking of the Savior’s mortal ministry as a pattern for all the Lord’s servants, Denver says the following:

“Society covets position, rank and authority. Christ held no such things. He came “beneath all things” and therefore society had no regard for His authority. He was a renegade, an outsider, easy to dismiss. His society said, in effect, “You are too risky to believe.” Like others sent before, I am now sent by Him. I would not blame you for thinking I only want attention. That is not true, but it is the obvious accusation. If what I declare to you is truth and light, how you respond to is important. I ask for your sake to not falsely accuse me. You do not need to like me. But if what I teach is the truth, you need to respond to it. That is between you and God, not you and me.”

Returning to the Savior’s visit with His disciples on the road to Emmaus note the following words from Denver:

“Our Lord could have testified by revealing 10,000 new truths to these two disciples. He could have disclosed to them new visions and predictions. Instead, He expounded the scriptures concerning Himself. That is how He wants us to learn the truth. When the Lord first spoke to me, He expounded the scriptures.”

The scriptures and teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith are the kindling that lights the flame of faith in the hearts of the few Gentiles who avoid being cutting off when Moses’s prophecy is fulfilled. Like Christ with His disciples on the road to Emmaus, we began with the words of Moses and followed their use through the New Testament, The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. We have witnessed how these three books grow together to reveal hidden truth’s (See JST Genesis 50:31).

There is so much more that could be written on this subject. However, it is not my opinion that matters. In point of fact, you have not heard or read my opinion. All you have read are the scriptures and Denver’s testimony. How you judge what I have written is strictly a statement about you and what you think. It has nothing to do with me. You can choose to harden your heart or give heed. The choice is entirely yours. I close with several quotes from Denver:

“Joseph bore testimony of God. I bear testimony of Joseph. If Joseph was one witness, I am a second. I have used Joseph’s revelations and sermons to teach this. Believe in them, for they are true . . . ,

Please heed the scriptures, the words of Joseph, and believe that Christ is approachable. I am a witness of that. His work and glory culminates in our redemption. He came, suffered, lived and died all to lift this creation. Trust that. Receive Him. It may start slowly, small, and distant. Act and it will grow. We will never wind up in the company of Gods and angels if we are unwilling to have faith in the first things given. Ask. Then go and do as He responds.”

“I have been sent to testify again of the restoration that began with Joseph Smith. I will try to persuade you to believe in Him and in what He has done and what He is now doing.

God came as a weak thing in this world. The only invitation you will receive will come through another weak man, speaking in weakness, trying to persuade. It does not matter how earnest I am, because I know my standing before God. What matters is your willingness to be persuaded. I simply put the case as the Lord has put it to me, in the hope that what He has to offer, and what He asked I say to you will get through to your heart. Your relationship and your accountability are not to me, but to Him. Therefore, be persuaded, for your own sake.”

“The day all the prophets have looked forward to, from the beginning of the days of Adam until now, are upon us. How can we doubt God can bring this to pass? If God can send me to declare these things, in the confidence, faith and knowledge I am on His errand, why not believe and let it be accounted for righteousness? Have the faith of a grain of mustard seed. The vindication of God’s promises is coming. If we lack the required faith we will miss the invitation.

Receive what God offers and we will not need another to say, “Know the Lord.”

May you turn your attention back to the scriptures, the teachings of Joseph Smith and may your deliberations be prayerful and inspired.

A. Scott Roderick

Prophetic Sign Posts for Our Day
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